The Origins of Ballroom Dancing

Published: 19th March 2009
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The ballroom dances are very popular recently. It goes back many years and comes from many different countries all over the world. The dances, such as the tango, rumba and waltz, are popular in Asia, the Americas and Europe. It is a couple's event, which can be done at nearly any social gathering. Let's explore some of the rich history of ballroom dancing as an art form and a social activity.

It's originally began in several centuries ago, but it didn't start to really become popular until the late 19th century and early 20th century, when it became an activity for everyone to enjoy, regardless of their financial standing. Prior tot hat, ballroom dancing was an activity that only the elite, upper class did at their parties.

It's history has gone through many changes and adaptations through the years. There used to be five specific types, the quickstep, the slow foxtrot, the tango and two forms of waltz, the Viennese and the modern waltz. They all feature similar qualities, though they came from different places.

Emotional, spiritual and expression are the words that most suitable to describe the ballroom dancing. Ballroom dancing is simply full of emotion, especially romantic emotion. No matter what form it takes, couples have to dance very close together. That closeness is a symbol of love, lust and romance. It is a dance that very popular for the wedding reception activity. In fact, often, members of the wedding party take specific dancing lessons.

No matter what form of ballroom dancing a couple is doing, they have to adhere to certain rules. For instance, they have to use a position called close hands. They also have to maintain close contact in five different places, during the dance. It takes proper training to master the techniques involved.

Perhaps due to the fact that it is tied to the elite classes, in modern times participating in it or viewing it often makes people think of royalty or high society. In Western Europe, ballroom dancing used to be performed in royal courts, after all. Really, though, it is an activity for all classes, these days. In fact, the origins of ballroom dance is being made as we speak. It is being performed in worldwide competitions and rapidly gaining popularity.

As you can see, in all its forms, has a rich history, full of romance and elegance. It has been, and will continue to be, performed all over the world, in many forms. So, now that you know the history of ballroom dancing, you may want to go out and try it for yourself.


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